Scalable cloud platform, ultimateobservability

Make sense of the flood of data with a powerful yet friendly analytical interface and cloud engine.

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Identify performance issues promptly

  • Out of the box critical metrics collection
  • Configurable notifications to slash response times
  • Dashboards and visualizations to track trends over time and guide capacity planning


Gain realtime network awareness

  • Ingest syslog, flow, and SNMP to monitor your network
  • Map connection topologies and track who is talking to what
  • Alert on anomalous performance and behaviors

“After reviewing many solutions and speaking with clients, we partnered with Cylerian because of the flexibility and completeness of their offering. With Cylerian as our backbone, we are able to provide organizations of all sizes advanced SIEM solutions that encompass security”⚡


Gokulnath C
CEO - Kryptos

Application Logs

Maximize insights from your applications

  • Rapidly dignose errors, quantify user engagement, and keep and eye on database performance all in one place
  • Customizable dashboards, visualizations, and cloud notebooks take DevOps management to a new level
  • Integrate with notifications and orchestration actions to do what you need to. Fast

Distributed Tracing

Examine your request lifecycles end-to-end

  • Correlate transactions across browser, backend, and database in one unified view
  • Inspect latencies and track down your performance bottlenecks


Serverless introspection and management

  • Install external service integrations directly from the Cylerian marketplace
  • Explore your cloud infrastructure footprint, track costs, view access logs, and more - all in one place
  • Our serverless infrastructure makes it easy to monitor, manage, and orchestrate your entire suite of cloud services without any on-premise hardware

User Activity

Track user interactions

  • Explore customer usage patterns for new product insights
  • Audit complete account activity in a single data stream
  • Retain and search records in long term archive to meet security and compliance needs

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