Universal management, streamlinedoperations

Scale your administrative objectives and meet compliance needs in a single pane of glass.

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Log management

Comprehensive data collection

  • Achieve regulatory compliance with ease
  • Limitless archive storage of logs from any source
  • Pay for what you use - transparent pricing per retained volume
  • Integrated archive search capability

Infrastructure Management

Unified cloud, network, and endpoint ops.

  • Easily manage integrated endpoint agents across your fleet
  • Execute adhoc jobs, define automations, and schedule recurring tasks
  • Deploy cloud tasks on our compute infrastructure with no local hardware footprint necessary

“After reviewing many solutions and speaking with clients, we partnered with Cylerian because of the flexibility and completeness of their offering. With Cylerian as our backbone, we are able to provide organizations of all sizes advanced SIEM solutions that encompass security”⚡


Gokulnath C
CEO - Kryptos

Cloud File Storage

Acquire, deploy, or backup anything

  • Upload, view, and manage a limitless virtual filesystem directly from your browser
  • Host assets publicly or restrict access granularly within your organization
  • Integration with endpoint agents makes deploying resources, retrieving remote files, and backing up critical systems simple and straightforward

Compliance Tracking

Ensuring regulatory compliance has never been easier

  • Establish your criteria and track conformance over time
  • Quickly view recommended automation actions and fixes for your environment

Remote Access

Secure shell access. Anywhere. Anytime

  • Optional endpoint extension allows remote shell access for authorized users from any browser
  • Shared terminal sessions make operational collaboration easy without needing separate screensharing software
  • Flexible and secure dynamic connection tunneling enables easy access on demand, no VPN necessary

Live View

Explore active infrastructure at scale

  • Execute distributed queries directly against connected endpoint agents
  • Analyze resources with either OSQuery or custom script evaluation
  • Transform and enrich results and integrate seamlessly with standard platform visualization components

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