Unified monitoring and managementSimple

Our integrated platform processes billions of security and operational events every day and reacts to the ones that matter.

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Realtime, interactive, and configurable

  • High level insights into your data
  • Completely customizable
  • Expansive widget library extensible via our marketplace


Periodic snapshots of just about anything

  • Define custom templates or install from our marketplace
  • Set schedules and pick your target audience
  • Let the platform do the rest


Integrate with hundreds of data sources

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Sophisticated detection engine

  • Supports everything from simple conditionals to fully scriptable advanced correlation
  • Notifications using email, SMS, and slack
  • Integration with external tracking systems and intel sources
  • Rapidly deploy new detection rulesets from our marketplace in a single click when threats emerge


Build and execute response playbooks

  • Analyze and react to alerts, automate operational processes, and streamline your infrastructure management
  • Track complex workflow states in a simple visual representation
  • Create your own or deploy new ones from our marketplace catalog

“After reviewing many solutions and speaking with clients, we partnered with Cylerian because of the flexibility and completeness of their offering. With Cylerian as our backbone, we are able to provide organizations of all sizes advanced SIEM solutions that encompass security”⚡


Gokulnath C
CEO - Kryptos

Graph Explorer

Visualize relationships across your ecosystem

  • Link relevant entities into high level visualizations
  • Examine impacted resources from alerts, audit user access, explore cloud security posture, and more
  • Define custom templates or install new ones from our marketplace


Dynamic analytics and visualization

  • Simple query language makes adhoc analysis a breeze
  • Extensible visualizations with full marketplace integration
  • Scriptable cloud notebooks to engage with data on your terms

Integrated Ticketing

Streamlined management

  • Track issues, assign owners, and integrate seamlessly with other platform automation features
  • Trigger custom notifications for high priority tasks
  • Integrate with external chat and issue management services for rapid response by your team

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