Supercharged SOC, seamlesssecurity

SIEM, XDR, CSPM, and SOAR in one unified cloud SaaS platform. Forget the acronyms - we've got you covered.

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Managed XDR

Comprehensive XDR

  • Collect telemetry from every source you have
  • Correlate it across endpoints, applications, network, and cloud
  • Detection and response for the 99%

Cloud SIEM

Find the needle in the haystack, and act on it

  • Designed to meet full security and compliance needs
  • Market leading price/performance
  • Analytics at scale - sift through billions of events in a snap

“After reviewing many solutions and speaking with clients, we partnered with Cylerian because of the flexibility and completeness of their offering. With Cylerian as our backbone, we are able to provide organizations of all sizes advanced SIEM solutions that encompass security”⚡


Gokulnath C
CEO - Kryptos

Asset Inventory

Know what you've got

  • Combine sensors, logs, and integrations to see the complete picture
  • Inventory machines, users, applications and cloud assets
  • Track your costs, know your attack surface, and see what needs patching

Continuous Monitoring

Detect vulnerabilities in realtime

  • Assess your security posture across on-premise and cloud
  • Reduce the attack surface using our orchestration playbooks
  • React to emerging threats in minutes with integrated intelligence


Amplify your team - minimize the routine

  • Use orchestration playbooks to coordinate common responses across your environment
  • Track actions and trigger changes with shared workflows
  • Define custom automations in our visual editor, or grab new ones from the marketplace

Incident Response

Collect evidence and respond to threats

  • Deploy technology in minutes
  • Leverage telemetry to monitor active intrusions
  • Conduct forensic investigations at scale

File Integrity Monitoring

Detect unauthorized modifications

  • Harden your environment and meet compliance regulations
  • Maintain integrity of critical systems
  • Reduce configuration drift risks

Threat Hunting

Hunting at speed and scale

  • Search through indexed data using our flexible query language
  • Deploy queries to the endpoint edge for filtering noise or generating alerts
  • Flexibly enrich and annotate events to add context
  • Utilize our built-in notebooks for programmatic hunting or pull new ones from the marketplace

Behavioral Analytics

Identify the outliers, mitigate the impact

  • User behavioral modeling flags unusual activity for review
  • Integrated notifications allow collaborated response with employees and keep noise to a minimum

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