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Service Providers

Our partner services include:

Incident Response

Our partners benefit from Cylerian's expertise from having led multiple large scale intrusions, and its platform and forensic sensors to effectively and quickly respond to incidents.

Compromise Assessment

In providing Incident Response services, Cylerian experts have often found the initial intrusion dating several months, and sometimes years. Our partners can help companies detect such compromises by analyzing hosts and monitoring networks to reduce dwell time and improve the security posture.


Our partners leverage Cylerian's ability to ingest and analyze real-time logs across the entire chain of an attack lifecycle, spanning email, hosts, applications, network and the cloud to provide a cost-effective Managed Detection and Response service.

Managed Threat Hunting

Managed threat hunting, unlike our partners' 24X7 approach to detection and response, can be a cost effective way to retain visibility via the Cylerian platform while reducing cost. Using this service, clients can still leverage the Cylerian platform to detect and respond themselves, and leverage our partners' expertise to periodically perform threat hunting.

Managed SIEM

Maintaining a SIEM can be cost prohibitive and infeasible to maintain for some customers. The Cylerian platform is a cloud-native, easy to deploy, cost-effective SIEM and can replace your existing solutions.